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Email Marketing Expert

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Product Description:
Doing business is more than a full-time job. Your days are spent selling and procuring products, ensuring customer satisfaction and when you are home, you have to work on new products, ideas to improve your service, track finances and do the research to grow your business.

This leaves little or no time to learn new things. 

This course has everything you need to know to boost your online reputation and GET HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE SINGING UP TO YOUR LISTS EVERY WEEK.

You will learn:

The biggest mistakes newbie marketers make that ruins their campaigns.

How to grab attention and make people have a burning desire to be on your list.

Creating stunning squeeze pages that inspires your visitors to press the 'Subscribe Now' button.

Creating lead magnets that drives people crazy and gets them to sign up at once.

The most impressive method to send a thank you message.

Creating amazing follow-up messages that are equally exciting every time.

Automating your autoresponder to increase audience loyalty and adding them to conversions.

The elements that you must have in your emails and what never to include.

Strategies to grow your emails list beyond 1000s, every one of them being your ardent follower.

And tips and simple hacks to do it all within minutes.