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Crime Protection Reports

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Product Description:
Dear Friend‚

Crime affects you‚ me -- everybody... young and old... rich and poor. Nobody is immune. The public demand for this information is unlimited.

The Crime Protection Reports

In this ebook you'll get 15 reports on how to protect yourself and your family from crime.

I created this product because I believed there was a need for people to know what to do to protect themselves from serious crime. A lot of people don't know where to start to protect themselves and their families. In these reports you will discover the techniques you can use for crime protection.

  • How to protect your home from intruders
  • How to protect yourself on city streets
  • How to protect your valuables from theft
  • How to protect yourself when traveling
  • How to guard against purse snatchers
  • How to guard yourself against armed robbery
  • How to protect yourself from pickpockets
  • How to safeguard against rape
  • How to protect cars‚ bicycles‚ motorcycles
  • How to protect your home while away
  • How to burglar-proof your windows
  • How to burglar-proof your doors
  • How to select a burglar alarm
  • How to reduce crime in your neighborhood
  • How shoplifting affects you and your family

Table Of Contents

1. Security for the Home
  • How to Protect Your Home From Intruders
  • - Safety At Your Front Door
  • - Home Safety
  • - Safety for the Apartment Dweller
  • How to Protect Your Home While Away
  • - Going to the Market or Out to Dinner
  • - When Planning Vacations or Prolonged
  • - Absences
  • - How To Burglar-Proof Your Doors
  • - Locks‚ Bolts and Hinges
  • - Hinge Protection
  • - How To Burglar-Proof Your Windows
  • How to Select A Burglar Alarm

2. How to Protect Yourself on the City Street

3. How to Protect Your Valuables from Theft

4. How to Protect Yourself When Traveling
  • Safety on Public Transportation
  • Auto Safety
  • Elevator Safety

5. How to Guard Against Purse Snatchers

6. How to Protect Yourself From Armed Robbery

7. How to Protect Yourself From Pick Pockets

8. How to Safeguard Against Rape

9. How Shoplifting Affects You and Your Family
  • How to tell if Your Children Are Shoplifters
  • When you discover a Shoplifter

10. How to Protect Your Cars‚ Bicycles & Motorcycles

11. How to Reduce Crime in Your Neighborhood

Crime Protection Reports is delivered in PDF format and is viewable on any computer. All you need is "Adobe Reader" or "Acrobat eBook Reader" which is available free and already on most computers. If you do not have it installed on your computer‚ Please Click here to get the software. They are both Free.