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8 Languages Phrases

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Product Description:
Dear Internet Friend‚

This is going to be very brief. I don't want to waste any of your valuable time on huge amounts of 'explanation text' that does just that. So‚ if you have been looking for an easy to read and understand guide that will give you some short‚ but effective phrases you can use when travelling‚ this is your solution!

Here's a short and simple list of what you will find inside this little gem:
  • Learn Basic Coversational Phrases Like: 'How Are You?'‚ 'My Name Is'‚ 'What Is Your Name?'‚ 'Do You Speak English?'‚ 'Hello'‚ 'Goodbye'‚ 'Please'‚ 'Thank You'‚ 'I Don't Understand'‚ and Many Others
  • Pronunciation Tables For Vowels and Consonants In The Japanese Language
  • Learn How To Say Specific Words Such As: Colors‚ Telling Time‚ Days of the Week‚ Months‚ Plus Numbers and Counting
  • Learn Helpful Travelling Phrases Like How To Hail A Taxi Cab‚ How To Ask Questions Regarding Bus and Train Travel‚ And Great Phrases To Help You Ask For Directions
  • Learn How To Ask About Hotel Accomodations‚ How To Order Specific Food And Drink In A Restaraunt‚ And Even Questions About What Types of Payments Are Accepted!


While this ebook is referred to as a 'MiniBook'‚ it isn't because it's 'LITE' on any information‚ I assure you! The real reason it's termed a 'MiniBook' is because everything is found on just one page(it's a pretty l-o-n-g page though ;-) ). But don't let that throw you off! This is a real handy guide to have and refer to wheneve you need to. In addition‚ you can print off the entire guide if you need to so you can take it with you without the need to lug along your computer!

OR You can order each individual ebook from package:

French Phrase Mini-Ebook $7

German Phrase Mini-Ebook $7

Italian Phrase Mini-Ebook $7

Spanish Phrase Mini-Ebook $7

Swedish Phrase Mini-Ebook $7

Dutch Phrase Mini-Ebook $7

Romanian Phrase Mini-Ebook $7

Japanese Phrase Mini-Ebook $7

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