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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of rights are included with the products?

All products include legal full resell right license; each product contains master resell right license or private label right license.

What are included in each of the Product?

All our products are compressed in Zip format. Zip contains, product format(eBook in PDF or Word format, Software in EXE, Graphics in PSD etc.), Resell License, Images and other files

How will I download the products?

You need to login and go to MyAccount page to download all your products. Use Email and Password which you have provided in registration process to login. You will also receive login credentials via email once payment is sucessfully processed.

How Lifetime Member will download the products?

Lifetime member will see download button instead of Add to cart button when they login.

Is there any restriction to download the products once I place an order?

There are no restrictions to download the products. You can download as many times as you want.

How do i pay?

You will be redirected to Clickbank to buy Lifetime Membership or to PayPal to buy individual eBooks i.e. without lifetime membership.

Can I convert the eBook to Android or iPhone versions?

Yes, you can convert. All our products are PLR & MRR type and you are authorized to convert them to Android or iPhone versions.

Is it allowed to change the content of the eBooks (combine, delete, add content etc.)?

It's purely depends on the product license. If it is PLR then without hesitate you can change the cover, you can updated the content, you can replace author name with your name, you can print and distribute/sell. If it is MRR then it depends on the license i.e. some MRR product may allow you to do so and some may not, but MRR products are allowed to resell.

So when I sell this to anyone and if he asks about the resell rights then what I have to produce?

All products are included with legal full resell right license and you can pass over the same license to them.

Does your eBooks are compatible with eBook readers, iPad, tablets, and cellphones?

Yes, all our eBooks comes in PDF or Word format and these formats are compatible with all the devices.

Will I face any copyright litigation if I place these products to resell on my online store?

No, you will not face any legal issues. All products contains valid resell licence.

Are all of these products can be sold on Ebay?

It's totally depends on the resell license of the product. All PLR products will allow you to resell anywhere on the net.

What format(s) do the eBooks you offer come in?

All our eBooks comes in PDF or Word format.

Can I translate these eBooks to other language?

You are allowed to translate. All Products you download are of PLR and MRR types, and each product as its own resell license to do so. You will see the license when you download the product.

Contact Us  if you have any other questions..