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Every blushing bride wants to have a memorable and romantic wedding that will be remembered for years with pleasant memories by all that attend.

The purpose of "Wonderful wedding favors and wedding gifts" is to help accomplish this‚ even if you or the bride to be is on a tight budget. It is not expensive catering and thousand dollar dresses that create lasting memories.
Title : Wonderful Wedding Favors And Gifts
Rights : Resell Rights
Product : eBook
Product ID: 3757
Product Download ID 2285
Price: $1.29

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You can lighten your tanning worries & darken your skin; in short....get help now with The Sunless Tanning Guide

Interested in getting a tan?

But maybe people have been telling you that you can get skin cancer if you're out in the sun too long?

So you think about a tanning booth or tanning lamp... But people say that they're not safe either.

So you check into oth
Title : The Sunless Tanning Guide
Rights : Master Resell Rights
Product : eBook
Product ID: 3585
Product Download ID 2109
Price: $1.29

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"Women Are Being Attacked Each And Every Day Around The World. It's Time That Women Stop The Violence TODAY!"

Woman Deserve To Know How To Protect Them Self Or Those They Love‚ Against Those Who Want To Hurt Them Or Their Loved Ones.

Dear Friend:

The statistics on violence against women are staggering - even overwhelming. Often‚ women are thought of as the w
Title : Self Defense for Women
Rights : Private Label Rights
Product : eBook
Product ID: 3519
Product Download ID 2042
Price: $1.29

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Do you love to shop‚ eat out and have fun with your family... But don't like to spend money? Then...

"...Discover How You Can Get Paid To Shop‚ Eat Out‚ Go To The Movies‚ And Do All Sort Of Other Fun Things."

Dear Friend‚

Yes‚ it's true. You can actually get paid to do the things that you love to do already. You can...


Title : Paid to Shop
Rights : Master Resell Rights
Product : eBook
Product ID: 3373
Product Download ID 1893
Price: $1.29

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There was a little boy who never wanted to grow up. He lived with a group of other little boys who felt the same way. This group of little boys thought they were happy until they discovered that there was something missing in their lives. They didn't have a mother. . . .

That's how the story of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys began. Wouldn't it be wonderful if a fairy tale like this came true?
Title : Secrets To Looking And Feeling Younger
Rights : Master Resell Rights
Product : eBook
Product ID: 3257
Product Download ID 1774
Price: $1.29

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The Stages Of A Woman's Life Are No Longer A Mystery!

Valuable Information on all the Phases of the Female Body For a Low‚ Low Price!

Dear Friend‚

Have you ever wondered why some women suffer from PMS? Or‚ do you want to know more about postpartum depression? What about the changes menopause incurs? If you spend all your time getting one task done just
Title : From PMS to PPD: Understanding the Phases of the Female Body
Rights : Master Resell Rights
Product : eBook
Product ID: 2972
Product Download ID 1481
Price: $1.29

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Now in just under 5-Minutes &
the time it takes to
drop‚ and do 20 push ups (military style)...

Do any of these "symptoms" sound familiar?...

Interested in fighting flab?? Want to learn the truth about toning??

But you don't want to spare the time‚ energy or money to sort out the hype from the truth.

So you dive in‚ start a brand new fitn
Title : The Beautiful Body Guide
Rights : Master Resell Rights
Product : eBook
Product ID: 2665
Product Download ID 1169
Price: $1.29

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You can save money and at the same time know exactly what your bath and beauty products contain by making your own with the simple recipes contained in 500 Bath and Beauty Recipes!

Why take chances with your beauty care when you can easily and quickly make your own products and know that you are not getting a product with harsh chemicals and unknown ingredients? 500 Bath and Beauty Recipes
Title : 500 Bath and Beauty Recipes!
Rights : Resell Rights
Product : eBook
Product ID: 2554
Product Download ID 1055
Price: $1.29

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This is a brand new (2006) ebook in Adobe PDF format.


1. Front Cover
2. Disclaimer
3. Index
4. Handy Conversion Chart
5. Basic Formula
6. Basic Fun Lip Gloss
7. Basic Fun Lip Gloss II
8. Cranberry Lip Gloss
9. Silky Smooth Lip Balm
10. Honey Balm
11. Almond Lip Gloss
12. Helps Cold Sores Balm
13. Honey Cocoa Lip Balm
14. Aloe Vera Lip Glo
Title : 30 Lip Gloss Recipes
Rights : Master Resell Rights
Product : eBook
Product ID: 2541
Product Download ID 1042
Price: $1.29

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