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Cooking at Christmas time either brings joyful thoughts or thoughts of dread. Maybe it's a combination.

We all love the food at Christmas and the smells wafting through the house. But, it also puts a lot of pressure on whoever is the main cook of the house.

Most of the issues with cooking at Christmas can be solved by making things simple.

The truth is, we ten
Title : Christmas Cooking Made Simple
Rights : Private Label Rights
Product : eBook
Product ID: 6799
Product Download ID 9720
Price: $1.99

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Learn the Step-by-Step Guide to Cook Vegan Foods!

The people on our modern society are concerned with multiple issues. Health and the environment are two very big ones that are at the forefront. People want to eat well and lessen their environmental impact. Threats of global warming and obesity run are two of the biggest concerns.

Some people decide they want to tackle bo
Title : Your Guide to Vegan Cooking
Rights : Private Label Rights
Product : eBook
Product ID: 6628
Product Download ID 9523
Price: $1.69

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Collection of cookbooks covering every category that you can imagine!

We always love food but sometimes the food we eat is not satisfying enough for our tongue.

The solution? Cook your own food. But most people is afraid in cooking as they don't know how to get started.

Not anymore as we will give you a compilation of cookbooks that will give you a variety of recipes

Title : 100 Cookbooks Collection
Rights : Resell Rights
Product : eBook
Product ID: 5567
Product Download ID 4270
Price: $1.29

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An Easy Guide To Writing And Publishing Your Own Cookbook!

If you're like me and you love to cook and people are always telling you how good your food is, you may just have what it takes to write your own cookbook.

The problem is that, they don't know how to write their own cookbook that could beneficial to others.

If that's your case, worry no more as we will give yo

Title : How to Write Your First Cookbook
Rights : Master Resell Rights
Product : eBook
Product ID: 5563
Product Download ID 4266
Price: $1.29

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Discover how to Create Delicious American Cookery!Now you can use a simple, step-by-step technique to get the scrumptious dishes you have always dreamed of!--- 100% GuaranteedWho wouldn’t want to enjoy such home made delights? If you have done any research on American cookery, you know that you need the right information, recipes and tools to create delicious and perfect home m

Title : American Cookery
Rights : Private Label Rights
Product : eBook
Product ID: 4271
Product Download ID 2817
Price: $1.29

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Are you a sushi lover? If you never tried sushi, then you really don't know what you're missing. If you love sushi but have to limit your enjoyment of it because of the cost, then I have a great solution for you: Did you know that you can learn to make sushi at home safely and economically?

That's right. You don't have to go to expensive Japanese restaurants to enjoy a nice sushi meal.

Title : Making Your Own Sushi
Rights : Master Resell Rights
Product : eBook
Product ID: 4182
Product Download ID 2727
Price: $1.29

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Revitalizing Recipes

We really are the sum total of what we eat. Most people in today's fast-paced world don't take the time to eat well. We cram down fast food on the way to a meeting, or stop by the drive-through on the way home after a long day at the office. What we often don't realize is that those very behaviors are increasing our levels of fatigue an

Title : Revitalizing Recipes
Rights : Master Resell Rights
Product : eBook
Product ID: 4099
Product Download ID 2644
Price: $1.29

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Have you ever ate the best chocolate cake but didn't know how to make one on your own? Here are the best chocolate and cocoa recipes available!

Introducing... Recipes - Chocolate And Cocoa!

While most cookbooks on the subject of cooking with chocolate claim to be the ultimate resource on the subject, they actually make it much harder to create chocolate delicacies than it actually

Title : Recipes - Chocolate And Cocoa
Rights : Private Label Rights
Product : eBook
Product ID: 4005
Product Download ID 2550
Price: $1.29

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Easy Cooking Newsletter

Get Access To Great Information, Tips & Advice That Will Help You Learn How To Cook Scrumptious Meals?

The Easy Cooking Newsletter will provide you with easy to follow information, techniques and tips that will accompany you on your journey to mastering the art of cooking and help you become the great cook you've always dreamed of being!

Are Y

Title : Easy Cooking Newsletter
Rights : Private Label Rights
Product : eBook
Product ID: 3925
Product Download ID 2466
Price: $1.29

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I know that a lot of you have at least one of these efficient and time saving appliances hidden away somewhere in your kitchen collecting dust. You probably thought that the crock pot was just for making soups or stews.

Well guess what, you can make delicious me

Title : 470 crock pot recipes
Rights : Resell Rights
Product : eBook
Product ID: 3817
Product Download ID 2355
Price: $1.29

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Chips, Raw Veggies, Chicken Wings, there are just some foods that scream out for dip. In 300 Outstanding Dip Recipes you will find dips for almost every kind of food that you can think about dipping.

From Ambrosia Dip

Title : 300 Outstanding Dip Recipes
Rights : Resell Rights
Product : eBook
Product ID: 3787
Product Download ID 2325
Price: $1.29

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Title : 100 Favorite Weight Watchers Recipes
Rights : Master Resell Rights
Product : eBook
Product ID: 3745
Product Download ID 2273
Price: $1.29

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Plant sources alone may not provide enough protein in a vegetarian's diet and other sources such as tofu and soy are required.

It is recommended that you choose a variety of foods including whole grains vegetables‚ fruits‚ legumes‚ nuts‚ seeds‚ dairy products and eggs.

This collection of 125 Vegetarian recipes will help you prepare the essential foo
Title : 125 Vegetarian recipes
Rights : Master Resell Rights
Product : eBook
Product ID: 3710
Product Download ID 2234
Price: $1.29

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Clergy's (Church's) Fried Chicken

Yield: 6 Servings
COATING MIX ====================
1 T sugar
1 1/2 c self-rising flour
1/2 c cornstarch
4 t seasoned salt
2 t paprika
1/2 t baking soda
1/2 c biscuit mix
1 pk italian dressing mix
1 pk onion soup mix
FRIED CHICKEN ==================
2 eggs
1/4 c cold water
1 c oil
2 1/2 lb chicken
Title : Top Secret Famous Recipes
Rights : Master Resell Rights
Product : eBook
Product ID: 3672
Product Download ID 2196
Price: $1.29

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Delectable recipes from the 1800's will have you baking wonderful treats and biscuits that will make even your worst critics' mouths water!

In "The Bread And Biscuit Baker's And Sugar-Boiler's Assistant" you'll find delightful‚ easy to follow instructions for baking all types of delicious breads‚ cakes‚ candies‚ crumpets‚ custards‚ ice creams and even lo
Rights : Resell Rights
Product : eBook
Product ID: 3616
Product Download ID 2140
Price: $1.29

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As the enticing beginning to any meal or as snacks for the big game‚ appetizers are the chance for a cook to show off there imagination and creativity. With a selection of 150 taste tempting recipes‚ suitable for any occasion or skill level‚ from the familiar to the more exotic‚ The Appetizer Collection opens up endless possibilities and brings together a great range of dinTitle : The Appetizer Collection
Rights : Resell Rights
Product : eBook
Product ID: 3609
Product Download ID 2133
Price: $1.29

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73 Pages of Delicious Recipes to serve your guests!

Table of contents

Asian Beef Kebabs
Beef and Veggie Kebabs Over Fettuccine
Beef Fillets with Stilton-Portobello Sauce
Beef Sirloin Kabobs with Roasted Red Pepper Dipping
Beer-Marinated Flank Steak Bourbon Flank Steak Calypso Steak
Cajun-Style Rib-Eye Steak
Curried Beef Kebabs
Fajita Kebabs
Title : Summer Party Cookbook
Rights : Master Resell Rights
Product : eBook
Product ID: 3584
Product Download ID 2108
Price: $1.29

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• All about soups
• Value of soup in the meal
• General classes of soup.
• Classes of soup denoting consistency.
Title : Soup Recipes
Rights : Master Resell Rights
Product : eBook
Product ID: 3551
Product Download ID 2075
Price: $1.29

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Smoothies have become very popular over the last few years. They taste great‚ they are easy to make and they're good for you. In 200 Delicious Smoothie Recipes‚ you will find smoothie recipes for any time of day and for any meal‚ including breakfast. And because smoothies taste real close to there milkshake counterparts‚ the kids will love them too! Just take a look at a feTitle : 200 Delicious Smoothie Recipes
Rights : Master Resell Rights
Product : eBook
Product ID: 3544
Product Download ID 2068
Price: $1.29

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Inside the pages of Sizzling Breakfast Recipes‚ you will find the traditional breakfast favorite's as well as a selection of unique variations like:

Acapulco Baked Eggs
Almond Quiche
Amaretto French Toast
Amaretto Pancakes
Apple Pancakes
Apple Oat Pancakes
Apple Sausage Pancakes With Cider Syrup
Bacon And Cheese Breakfast Pizza
Baked English Omelett
Title : Sizzling Breakfast Recipes
Rights : Master Resell Rights
Product : eBook
Product ID: 3539
Product Download ID 2063
Price: $1.29

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Within the pages of Delicious Sandwiches Recipes‚ you will find the traditional sandwiches as well as a selection of unique variations like:

Baked Crabmeat Sandwich
Barbecued Pork and Beef Sandwiches
Bistro Beef Sandwich
Brats and Beer
Cajun Chicken Sandwich
Cheddar Apple Smoked Turkey Sandwich
Chicken Salad Sandwiches with Smoked Almonds
Chicken Cordon
Title : Sandwiches Recipes
Rights : Master Resell Rights
Product : eBook
Product ID: 3504
Product Download ID 2026
Price: $1.29

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So much variety exists among salads that it is somewhat difficult to give a comprehensive definition of this class of foods. In general‚ however‚ They are food mixtures either arranged on a plate or tossed and served with a moist dressing. A dish of green herbs or vegetables‚ sometimes cooked‚ and usually chopped or sliced‚ sometimes mixed with fruit or
Title : Salad Recipes
Rights : Master Resell Rights
Product : eBook
Product ID: 3500
Product Download ID 2022
Price: $1.29

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More than any other dish‚ the unique flavors of a salad is the perfect accompaniment to an elaborate dinner. The simple combination of fresh ingredients in a salad can be more impressive than even the most elegant dish. The Ultimate Salad Recipe Collection gives you more than 350 easy-to-follow recipes‚ including both classic favorites and fresh new ideas. Inside you'll find salads desTitle : The Ultimate Salad Recipe Collection
Rights : Master Resell Rights
Product : eBook
Product ID: 3499
Product Download ID 2021
Price: $1.29

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The best soups are made with a blending of many flavors. Don't be afraid of experimenting with them. Where you make one mistake you will be surprised to find the number of successful varieties you can produce. If you like a spicy flavor‚ try two or three cloves‚ or allspice‚ or bay leaves. All soups are improved by a dash of onion‚ unless it is the white
Title : Recipes Tried And True
Rights : Master Resell Rights
Product : eBook
Product ID: 3470
Product Download ID 1992
Price: $1.29

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You don't have to travel the world to get a taste of international cuisine. With Recipes From Around The World‚ you can open your mind and treat your taste buds to a world of fine cuisine-without leaving home!

Volume 2 of Recipes From Around The World contains over 500 recipes from Australia‚ Africa the Middle East‚ the Philippines and the Caribbean. Your family and frien
Title : Recipes From Around The World v2
Rights : Master Resell Rights
Product : eBook
Product ID: 3469
Product Download ID 1991
Price: $1.29

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